Did you ever visit an art museum and wonder what kind of painting it is? What kind of medium was used to make a beautiful art like this? What are the materials used to make a painting?

art museum

art museum

I am an art enthusiast. I love looking at painting and sculptures. I can stare in some beautiful art pieces for hours and I won’t even get bored in doing so. As an art enthusiast, I always ask, what are the materials that are used to make a certain painting or sculptures. Some sculptures use metals and some use clay. Some even use recycled materials and some used plastic. It all depends on the artist, which is very interesting for me. Every painting, every sculpture is unique, different, because of the artist that is making the art.

Each artist has his/her own way of showing his/her thoughts. Some artist use geometric lines, shapes, points and some are into, what I call free art. A free art is just drawing what comes to your mind. It doesn’t have to mean anything to others but it always means a lot or even everything to the artist. I even saw a painting with just a lot of dots in it. I thought that it was so weird that something this simple can be in an art exhibit but when I talked to the artist, everything changed. He explained that the painting is made of drying the oil pigments. The painting for him shows how his life was, which is full of struggles and hardships. In his perceptions, the painting shows everything sad about his life. Every strokes and texture shows sadness.

After I talked to him, I looked at the painting once again but now I can see his sadness, struggles and heartaches. He changed how I see his painting, his masterpiece, his life.

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Art has always been a way for everyone to express themselves, just like writers into their novels and poems. Not everyone can appreciate the exquisite and impressive way a painter’s every brush stroke is shown in their paintings. Every brush stroke shows the feelings and emotions the painter has. People should learn how to appreciate these kinds of things. Paintings are quite expensive but they are really beautiful. Liking a painting is an acquired taste. Many people nowadays are posting these kinds of things in their facebook accounts. But not everyone likes them, that is why many people use botonmegusta.org to like their posts. It helps show the pictures in the facebook feeds so that many people will appreciate them more.



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Art is the expression of the soul. It lets you channel your feelings and thoughts through your hands which could give birth to works of wonders that could change the world. Oil painting is just one of the ways you can express your art. Actually, there are hundreds of ways to do it. You just let your mind run wild and VOILA! You have made an art that could last for ages. You could even do it through blogging. Blogging is expressing what you think by making use of the internet. It even lets you connect to people from all over the world. If you are a newbie blogger, you may visit misshowtostartablog.com. Blogging is quite complicated and this site will teach you how to do it.