Tips and Tricks

Using Varnish When Painting with Oils

Painters use varnish to protect different layers of paint. Depending on when you apply the varnish, you can differentiate between intermediate and final varnish layers. Resin varnishes are good for intermediary layers and both resin varnishes and simple beeswax are good for final layers. This final layer of varnish is intended to protect the painting from outside influences, and beeswax also has the effect of making the painting’s surface look matte.

Tips for Buying Oil Paints and Painting Materials

oil paints and painting materials

oil paints and painting materials

When it comes to oil paints and other painting materials and to accessories as well, there are widely different qualities of painting materials available. Look for the best quality you can find instead. The products you purchase are what will determine whether you end up with a successful result as well as how long your painting will last.

Using Turpentine in Oil Painting

Turpentine is one of the most important painting aids when you’re painting with oils, and is a necessary part of any artist’s basic equipment. It’s used primarily to thin out paints as well as to clean brushes and palettes. Citrus turpentine is blended with extra scents to cover the strong natural scent of turpentine which some painters find unpleasant. Turpentine substitute is less expensive than turpentine, but evaporates more quickly and creates a watery consistency in paint blends but it last longer.

Tips in Storing Canvas

Do not keep your roll of canvas in a cold room. The sizing and white lead coating become brittle and are likely to crack when unrolled.

Technique for Removing Dried Paint from a Palette Knife

Oil paint that has dried hard on your palette knife can be removed by dipping the knife in paint remover. A razor blade can also be used to scrape paint off, but take care not to nick the edge of the knife.

Kerosene for Cleaning Brushes

Many painters use kerosene for cleaning oil brushes, claiming that it keeps the brush soft without affecting its spring. This is done at the end of the day’s work, never while painting. Kerosene mixed with oil paint will eventually darken the color.

Tips in Preserving Your Palette

Before using a new palette, pour a little linseed oil on it. Then, using a soft, clean rag, rub oil over the entire surface and repeat this on the reverse side. Allow the oil to sink into the wood thoroughly.